Royal Lochnagar
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Water source is springs near Lochnagar

The Royal Lochangar Distillery.
AB35 5TB
Tel 01339 742700

Open all year except festive period. Oct - April Mon - Fri 11am - 4pm. May - Sept Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm Sun 12noon - 4pm.
Admission charge 4.00.
Last tour 1 hour before closing. Children under 8 welcome but not encouraged to take the tour.
Wide range of malts available in distillery shop.

Dating back to 1826. Second distillery built in 1845. First distillery closed in 1860. The first distillery was burnt down in suspicious circumstances in 1824 the replacement again being burnt in 1841. Renovated in 1906. Major reconstruction in 1963. Annual production is 500,000 litres. One wash still off 7,000 litre capacity and one spirit still of 5,500 litres. Still adopts the traditional method of filling casks, where the cask is weighed before and after filling and a calculation made to find the amount of spirit it contains. One of the original owners was John Begg who was responsible for one of the first slogans to advertise Scotch whisky Take a peg of John Begg. After a visit to the distillery in 1848 by Queen Victoria the distillery was granted a Royal Warrant.

Last updated 30th December 2003